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Using INSPIRES to Support Integration of
Engineering Design in Science and Technology Education

The INSPIRES Curriculum is supported by research-based pedagogy for engaging and improving learning for all students in the diverse classroom, and includes strategies that support student-centered learning through problem-solving, analytical reasoning, communication, and collaboration.

The INSPIRES Program will offer to its participants:
  ☀ Improved, research-based pedagogy to help you meet Student Learning Objectives
  ☀ The opportunity to earn a stipend
  ☀ Lesson plans and supplies for your classroom to support unit implementation
  ☀ Opportunities to attend and present at conferences at no cost to you
The INSPIRES Program requires of its participants:
  ☀ Attendance at two 5-day Professional Development institutes, August 3-7, 2015 and Summer 2016
  ☀ Implementation of the unit in an identified course in fall 2015 and 2016
  ☀ Participation in monthly reflection meetings to support teacher learning and build a community of practice
  ☀ Optional attendance at a third summer institute in 2017 for leadership development and expanded learning
  ☀ Participation in required NSF evaluation process, including surveys, videotaping of lesson implementation, and interviews

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For additional information, contact:
Claudia Morrell, Program Manager, INSPIRES BCPS, cmorrell@bcps.org
Christine Schumacker, Director, Office of Science, PreK-12, cschumacker@bcps.org; or
Douglas Handy, Office of Career and Technology Education, dhandy@bcps.org